Thursday, May 6, 2010


We meet again. As has been the case, I have been rather remiss in updating this page. I think that may change. I'm growing less enchanted with facebook, and my use of myspace and livejournal has come to a halt. Beyond that, we all need an outlet for things best said in text, and goodness, I'd rather have an audience, or at the potential for one, at least.

So, let's talk about lately: I'm making moves towards new things. I got that new boyfriend I was wanting. He's quite different from me in many ways, but the truth is, I cherish that. It keeps me feeling like myself, rather than feeling like I've been absorbed by a relationship. Other new things: a new band. Seems like air signs are really keen on making music with me. Seeing as how they're predisposed to be "idea" people, I'm pretty excited about that. Now, to make the idea a reality. Art: I'm not making as much as I'd like. Part of that is not being around my stuff as much as I'd prefer. For the most part, I live with Shane, but most of my gear is elsewhere. Once I get something of a studio set up there, I think I'll start making things with a greater degree of regularity. I miss it.

So, yeah. Look for more action here.