Friday, October 14, 2011

I promised some uploads of a few works I've finished recently. Wait not one second scroll down and see them. They're below. Yeah.

I Feel Like Going Home, Trent Thomas copyright 2011.

Ok, so there's just one. More later.
ohmigod, how long have I neglected this?

So, a quick update of my art's life over the past year (plus):
  • changed my working environment pretty drastically (in that I have a specific studio set up in my home)
  • changed my approach to painting altogether
  • forgot most of what I learned in undergrad, in favor of forging a new style for myself
  • got over my fear of the marks my hand will make
  • got over my obsession with image transfer (even though I still use it a bit)
  • started painting a lot bigger
I have a hard time explaining my art these days - which, to me, says it's perhaps less contrived - but it's finally providing me the constant flow of catharsis that I've always sought, but without the attendant worry about it meeting any number of criteria. In short, I freed myself up a lot. I've gone back to mostly acrylic paints, with a lot of drawing media and spray paint worked into the images.

Other exciting news; I'm teaching two classes at Forstall Art this autumn! Starting on Halloween, I'll be taking the first round of Monday morning 4-week workshops, to teach a mixed media class. Truth be told, a lot of it is my inability to keep my excitement about the work I'm making all cooped up, so most of my secrets will be on display, but I'm planning on using the class as a vehicle for critique as well. I see a lot of classes where the teachers very simply don't give the students any feedback, and frankly, I think it's a huge disservice. It begins Monday Oct 31st, runs through Nov 21st, costs $85 for the entire run, and no supplies are included. I have "suggested" list, but I'm hoping to help people use what they already have.

The other class is a lot less heavy; it's a canvas brunch, somewhat inspired by Sips n Strokes (yeah, I said it), but with more of a tilt towards teaching (or reinforcing) concepts of composition, painting technique, use of texture media, and color theory. That's on Nov 19th, 10am-1pm, $45, all supplies included.

That's it for now. Pics of new work coming soon.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two weeks til Artwalk. Not the time for doubt or horseshit. I've got about 8 pieces in the works, god knows how many in the bag, and the desire to make a lot more.

My work seems to be changing in certain ways: less hesitance about using my own marks, less need for noise. The marks are noisy enough.

I'll take pictures one day.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

everybody here needs a shove

Saturday morning, and I just found out that I juried into the Top 25 at Birmngham Artwalk 2010!
Saturday morning, and I'm making mix CD's for my bosses' daughter, in the least creepy way possible!
Saturday morning, and I cannot bring myself to log off of facebook!

So, yeah, I'm doing more collage work lately. The work is still dealing with personal v. public personas, secret lives, dark secrets, people facebook thinks you know but that you avoid like a high school reunion on Leper Island, celebrities, criminals, gossip queens, Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces people, and maybe even a Dracula or two - but it's turning out less noisy, more refined than what I've made in the past.

There's also a lot of photography coming up these days, though I hesitate to call it photography, per se. It's all digital, hell, it's camera phone. And my problem with this is that the secret of photography (in it's analog form) is the darkroom - there's just as much artistry there as in the field. Of course, Photoshop et al is pretty similar in terms of developing the pieces, but it's a bit different. I'd be more comfortable with a new term. Maybe I'm too scarred from being overly PC for too long. Whatever.

Here's a photo or two I've taken recently:

Thursday, May 6, 2010


We meet again. As has been the case, I have been rather remiss in updating this page. I think that may change. I'm growing less enchanted with facebook, and my use of myspace and livejournal has come to a halt. Beyond that, we all need an outlet for things best said in text, and goodness, I'd rather have an audience, or at the potential for one, at least.

So, let's talk about lately: I'm making moves towards new things. I got that new boyfriend I was wanting. He's quite different from me in many ways, but the truth is, I cherish that. It keeps me feeling like myself, rather than feeling like I've been absorbed by a relationship. Other new things: a new band. Seems like air signs are really keen on making music with me. Seeing as how they're predisposed to be "idea" people, I'm pretty excited about that. Now, to make the idea a reality. Art: I'm not making as much as I'd like. Part of that is not being around my stuff as much as I'd prefer. For the most part, I live with Shane, but most of my gear is elsewhere. Once I get something of a studio set up there, I think I'll start making things with a greater degree of regularity. I miss it.

So, yeah. Look for more action here.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


It has been a while. Hope you're all well. It occurred to me that this vehicle is underused, so, without any further ado, a heap of collages and some paintings:

And Ne'er The Two Shall Part, 2007. Ink, thread, and collage elements on found paper.

Breathless Champion, 2009. Acrylic, colored pencil, toner transfer and collage elements on bookcover.

Future Self-Portrait, 2007. Collage and thread on found paper.

Hi There, 2009. Acrylic, colored pencil, and collage elements on board.

Hire, 2009. Acrylic, colored pencil, ink, toner transfer on gel skin and collage elements on bookcover.

Laughing in the Back of a Squad Car, 2007. Screenprint, acrylic and thread on found paper.

More later.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


at Mickie's desk
This is the first post of this blog, used to record and publish my fine art endeavors. Below you will find a few images, to get this ball rolling:

Park, 2009. 8" x 10". Encaustic, watercolor, oil and toner transfer on board. Created as part of a series of demonstrations held at public schools in the Birmingham area.

Tent, 2009. 9" x 12". Screenprint on paper with encaustic, graphite, oil and thread on board.

Lucky Cat Beckons You Home, 2009. Ink-jet print on photograph with thread. Part of an award-winning piece in Golden Acrylics' Mix More Media Contest.

2009. Acrylic, ink, colored pencil, screenprint, toner transfer, and ink-jet print on paper.

Helfin, Alabama, 2009. Encaustic, photograph, and toner transfer on board.
More images will be posted here in the future. If you're interested in my work, get at me.