Friday, October 14, 2011

ohmigod, how long have I neglected this?

So, a quick update of my art's life over the past year (plus):
  • changed my working environment pretty drastically (in that I have a specific studio set up in my home)
  • changed my approach to painting altogether
  • forgot most of what I learned in undergrad, in favor of forging a new style for myself
  • got over my fear of the marks my hand will make
  • got over my obsession with image transfer (even though I still use it a bit)
  • started painting a lot bigger
I have a hard time explaining my art these days - which, to me, says it's perhaps less contrived - but it's finally providing me the constant flow of catharsis that I've always sought, but without the attendant worry about it meeting any number of criteria. In short, I freed myself up a lot. I've gone back to mostly acrylic paints, with a lot of drawing media and spray paint worked into the images.

Other exciting news; I'm teaching two classes at Forstall Art this autumn! Starting on Halloween, I'll be taking the first round of Monday morning 4-week workshops, to teach a mixed media class. Truth be told, a lot of it is my inability to keep my excitement about the work I'm making all cooped up, so most of my secrets will be on display, but I'm planning on using the class as a vehicle for critique as well. I see a lot of classes where the teachers very simply don't give the students any feedback, and frankly, I think it's a huge disservice. It begins Monday Oct 31st, runs through Nov 21st, costs $85 for the entire run, and no supplies are included. I have "suggested" list, but I'm hoping to help people use what they already have.

The other class is a lot less heavy; it's a canvas brunch, somewhat inspired by Sips n Strokes (yeah, I said it), but with more of a tilt towards teaching (or reinforcing) concepts of composition, painting technique, use of texture media, and color theory. That's on Nov 19th, 10am-1pm, $45, all supplies included.

That's it for now. Pics of new work coming soon.